Food'n drinks

In our area, there are plenty of good restaurants and cafe's

 So there is a good chance that you will find your favorite.

On this page you will find some of the best places to eat in the area. 

NB: Opening hours may vary according to the season - check the restaurants' Facebook pages and so on

                                                bon appétit

Hvelvet Bistro

Hvelvet bistro

Cafe and restaurant in the centre of Åndalsnes

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Homemade food and desserts.
Warm and cozy atmosphere

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon-Wed: 09:30-16:00 // 11-15
Thu-Sat: 09:30-late // 11-21

Marta på landet

Charming small cafe in Isfjorden

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Homemade food and desserts.

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Tue – Thu: 11-18
Fri – Sat:     11-19
Sun – Mon: Closed


Soltinn Rauma

Localized at the shopping mall Alti Rauma in Åndalsnes

The short but apt description is that Soltinn is a dream and a passion. A dream to create joy through food and to share my passion for food. "Rune" - owner

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon – Wed: 10-18
Thu:            10-19
Fri:              10-18
Sat:              10-16
Sun:             Closed

Eggen Restaurant

Eggen Restaurant

At the top of Nesaksla, just over 700 meters above the center of Åndalsnes is Eggen Restaurant, where in addition to delicious food made from scratch with local ingredients and inspired by local food traditions, you are served the rawest view a Norwegian restaurant can offer. 

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Open year round
Opening hours vary through the seasons


Kafe åndalsnes

Sødahlhuset has a good atmosphere, hot lunch, good coffee, rolls, cakes and ice cream. 

Most are short-haul & organic. We want to make the house a place you will love!

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon – Wed: 10-17
Thu:             10-23
Fri:              10-17
Sat:              10-16
Sun:             12-16
Phone: 40066401
Instagram: @sodahlhuset


Norsk tindesenter

Restaurant located at Tindesenteret 

We have an exciting menu with pasta, sandwiches, burgers, fish / chicken / meat, vegetarian dishes and Italian pizza. For the kids we have an exciting Trollungen menu!

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon – Fri: 10-20
Sat:             10-21
Sun:            12-20

Piccola Mama Rosa

Restaurant located in the heart of Åndalsnes

Exiting menu with pasta, pizza, kebab, fish/chicken/meat. 

Childrens menu

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon – Sun: 14-21

Bakgården Thai

Velcome to the Thai restaurant in Åndalsnes 

Great atmosphere, exciting all-Thai flavors and nice prices.

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen
Mon – Thu: 16-21
Fri:            16-22
Sat:            14-22
Sun:           14-21

Hainan House

Kinarestaurant Åndalsnes

Welcome to Åndalsnes Hainan house here for you sushi and china food to much more other types of food as well.

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen

Mon – Sun: 14-22

Restaurant La Vue

Restaurant Grand Hotel

Our new, beautiful restaurant with beautiful food and beautiful views in the form of a large panoramic image.

Opening hours restaurant // Kitchen

Mon – Sat: 17-22
Sun:           09-17

Phone: 71227500

Trollstigen Kafe

Trollstigen Kafe

At the top of the sharp turns that creep up from Isterdalen, you will find Trollstigen Café in new splendor. The new service building contains a café, souvenir shops with local handicrafts, toilets, parking, beautiful water mirrors, as well as bridges and paths to view ramps.

Open all day in the summer season.


Trollveggen besøkssenter

Trollveggen besøkssenter

Cafe right under the spectacular Trollveggen ( Troll Wall).

In 2013, Trollveggen visitor center was selected from a list of the most beautiful, new restaurants in the world by the renowned industry magazine Architectural Digest. The award was mentioned both regionally and nationally.

Open all day in the summer season.

Phone: 95898045