We have what you need

Here you can enjoy some well-deserved holidays with family or close friends as you explore some of the many opportunities Romsdalen has to offer. 

The apartment is of a high standard and contains most of it for you to have a great experience here with us.

Here there are opportunities to relax, whether you want to sit and play ludo or just watch TV. Here there is both cable TV and Netflix. Wifi is of course also available.

Stue sett fra kjøkken Romsdalseggen Lodge
Kjøkken Romsdalseggen Lodge

A good meal


Romsdalseggen Lodge has a fully equipped kitchen where you can make delicious food.

 Oven, cooking facilities and dishwasher are of course in place. Coffee maker and kettle also help put icing on the cake. The kitchen, of course, contains what you need from cups, tubs and cooking utensils.

From the kitchen there is a patio door right out to the garden. Imagine how nice it is to start your day sitting on the stairs with your coffee cup and listen to the bird song!

A hot shower


There is a spacious bathroom with a large shower of 90x90cm. Wide good sink and plenty of room to store toilet equipment.

Towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo are also available here.

Of course, heating cables in the floor are also in the bathroom as it is in the rest of the living rooms in the apartment.

In the basement there is a laundry / drying room with washer and dryer. There are also shoe dryers and dryer for drying hiking clothes and shoes.

Soverom Romsdalseggen Lodge Overnatting



There are 2 bedrooms in the apartment. Both have a family bunk so that there is room for 3 people in each bedroom. The double bed is 150cm wide and the upper bunk is 90cm so no one needs to lie tight.

Wardrobes are also provided in both bedrooms.

The view is a bonus for the day you don't want to get up so early, but just lie back and enjoy the morning a little extra.


Tranquility and view


In those days the weather is far too nice to stand in for cooking, so just stroll around to the back of the house and light up the grill.

 Here there are chairs and tables so you can sit and enjoy the sun and the good atmosphere.

Here you sit shielded from the outside world and can really let the good relaxing feeling embrace you.

The view you have, both from inside the apartment and from the "barbecue area" behind the house is something we both live here and our guests from home and abroad really appreciate.

 Here you can see straight towards Vengedalen and famous mountains such as Store Vengetind and Romsdalshorn. You can also see most of the route to Romsdalseggen, and if you take out a pair of binoculars, you can follow them as they go. Maybe you see someone crawling too?

Romsdalseggen Lodge Hage Grill Uteområde
View from Romsdaleggen Lodge
Utsikt fra hagen

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