Romsdalsgondolen -


Photo/Illustration: Romsdalen AS: ROMSDALEN AS



After decades of planning and discussions, the construction of a commuter railway from Åndalsnes and up to Nesaksla is now in full swing and the planned opening is May 2021.


At the top there will be cafe and toilet facilities, there will be a walkway / paths so that even those who start to get tired feets will experience the fantastic view from the top of Nesaksla about 700masl.


Tickets can already be ordered now

There you can also read more about the plans for this part of Romsdalen.

The view from the top of Nesaksla and inwards towards Isfjorden.

Romsdalseggen Lodge is located a little to the right, in the middle of the picture


The view from the top of Nesaksla and down towards Åndalsnes

The photo was taken from the "stone chair"