Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata

If you want to challenge yourself, you can take a trip on the Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata. This is truly a breezy challenge and an introduction to climbing. Here you can test your strength at height in a fairly safe way.

The Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata consists of two routes:

Introveggen is, as the name says, a slightly shorter and simpler variant, intended for those of you who may not have much experience with via ferrata and are curious about what this is. Anyone who is in normal good shape can walk this. Estimated time consumption 3-4 hours. (age limit 12 years)

Vestveggen is a slightly tougher and longer variant. Here it is required that you are in good shape, have some experience in steep terrain and do not suffer from a fear of heights. This is an airy and spectacular trip that takes 5-6 hours. The age limit here is 16 years.

Common to both routes is that you must have equipment such as a helmet, climbing harness and via ferrata sling. This equipment can be rented at Norsk Tindesenter if you have the experience needed to go by yourself. 

If you have the slightest doubt as to whether you have enough experience and knowledge, use one of the excellent guides that you can hire through Norsk Tindesenter


The via ferrata at Åndalsnes ends at Nesaksla, the town mountain at Åndalsnes. Nesaksla is also the last part of the Romsdalseggen before you begin the descent along the stairs that the Nepalese Sherpas have built

Via ferrata

A video from the Introwall

Do you take the challenge?