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Romsdalen can make your dream come true

In Romsdalen you have almost endless possibilities for winter enjoyment in the mountains. Here you will find tours of all levels of difficulty, but common to all of them is hiking and mastering. On top of this it is spiced with a fantastic view of wild Norwegian nature.

Trollstigen Randonee Alnestind

The ski season in Romsdalen uses to start in October and the season usually lasts until April / May. Often with a smooth transition until the Trollstigen opens and a new eldorado opens with a few weeks of skiing. At Trollstigen you can find places where you can start with your skis straight from the car until July if you are lucky.

The picture here is taken from the top from Alnestind on June 18th. Then there was skiing from our car.

In Isfjorden you will find many of the classic peak hiking mountains in Romsdalen. Here are so many choices to pick from that you don't have to queue if you don't want to. Almost whatever the weather, one can find a place with good conditions. 

On a nice day with good conditions, we can definitely recommend one of the many backtracks, namely the ridge between Loftskardstind and Galtåtind from which this picture is from. Between the 2 tops there is a nice lightly exposed back where you take the skis on the bag on one part of the lot. This helps to lift the skiing experience to new heights.

Randonee Isfjorden Romsdalseggen
Randonee Kirketaket Fjord Fjell

One of the things that makes top trips in Romsdalen extra special compared to many other places is the combination fjord and mountains.

This picture is taken from the trip to Kirketaket, one of the absolute best known summit mountains in Norway. View right down to the fjord and Åndalsnes in the background. 

This is one of the tours you can start right from the door of the Romsdalseggen Lodge.

Have a nice trip! 

Some videos from some of our trips



Alnestind & Finnan